Mister B's Unlimited Wash Club FAQ

Q.  When can I join?
A.  You may sign up on any day you wish.  Memberships are prorated according to the day of the month the membership is purchased.

Q.  How can I get started?
A.  On your next visit in, select “Join Club”, then select the level wash you would like to receive each time.  Next, use the credit/debit card that you would like your recurring payment set up on.  Last an attendant will assist with completing sign-up and issuing the RFID sticker needed for future visits.

Q.  What if I want to cancel?
A.  While we hope this isn't the case, you may cancel at anytime either at the car wash or by completing our online cancellation form.

Q.  Is it really unlimited?
A.  The Wash Club allows members to wash their vehicle 1 time per day; every day if you wish.

Q.  What if I want to change my credit/debit card on file?
A.  You can update your card on file by completing this form or seeing an attendant at the car wash.

Q.  When does my membership bill.
A.  All wash club memberships bill on the 1st day of each month until canceled.

Q.  I got a new vehicle/windshield.  What do I need to do?
A.  Come see an attendant at the car wash.  We will place a new RFID sticker in your windshield and update the information in our system

Q.  Can I use my membership on more than 1 vehicle?
A.  No, wash clubs are on a per vehicle basis.

Q.  Do you have a multi vehicle or family plan.
A.  No, we currently do not offer a multi vehicle or family plan.